Your pilots in the digital world

About NordNordOst

We see ourselves as pilots in the complex world of digital marketing. We have been in digital marketing for over 15 years and know where the shallows of this turbulent ocean are. 

We facilitate digital visibility for the solo entrepreneurs and medium-sized companies. Vibrant, bespoke products and honest advice are at the heart of our work and beliefs. Each project is unique and is treated as such. We assemble the right crew of experts for each of your endeavors.

Your direct point of contact

She is captain, pilot and hands-on doer in one person. With refreshing humor and her direct way, Anne Michel gives you orientation for effective marketing strategies and accompanies you on your journey to success.

The crew

We find it crucial that you have one contact person who knows your project completely and looks after it. That is why Anne is always your direct line for all questions and enquiries.

Of course, she does not implement the projects alone. We have experts in our team for all of the specialist areas we offer. Depending on the customers' project, we assemble the most suitable project crews for you. Below you will find the subject areas in which our team feels at home.

Concept & strategy

No right strategy - no common thread. Without the right concept, an idea cannot become a realizable product. Our concept designer and marketing strategist are an unbeatable team for your projects.

Do you want to (re)define or refresh your brand? Our brand workshop offers the ideal basis for your brand identity, your why and your vision & mission. If desired, our brand expert will also (further) develop your corporate design for you.


(Online) Marketing

Our team consists of experts from all relevant marketing disciplines, e.g. performance marketing (SEA), search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing and social media.

The WordPress developers in our team are responsible for all technical implementations in the WordPress environment and thus bring your new website to life.

Website development

A project close to our heart

We live and work by the sea and spend large parts of our free time on and in the water. Therefore, the protection of the oceans and seas, and thus direct climate protection, is a matter close to our hearts. 

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization that develops and scales technology to rid the oceans of plastic and prevent the influx of new pollution.

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